I love Workbook

Workbook Fall 2014 - Pg 446

Workbook Fall 2014 - Pg 446

Every 6 months, Workbook takes on the task of publishing one the the industries best resources to Photographers and Illustrators.  It then sends it all around the world to end up on the desks of creatives like you.

I've been with them for three years now and could not be happier with my relationship with them.  I love quality book they produce and I love the way my spread looks in the book. It takes a lot of time and detail work to make the work look as good as it does.  I also appreciate the notes I sometimes get back when they like the image or spread.

They are not sales people, they genuinly care.  They are invested in your success which makes you love them more. Oh, and one more thing.  Everytime workbook goes out, my website is a flutter with new traffic and calls for estimates.

I love this spread and loved working on creating these images. Thank you to Workbook, and thank you to all my clients that allow me to pursue what I love. 

Rehab with MackieBiernacki

There are advertising teams you always look forward to working with and MackieBiernacki is probably at the top of my list. Talented, smart, witty and loyal are only a few of the adjectives that describes this team and their new shop.

I once told Mark Biernacki that I was interested in directing spots for TV and after a short conversation, an oppurtunity presented itself. I was given a chance to bid for a Petro-Canada spot and when my treatment was awarded, Mark leaned over to me and quietly, calmly, and whispered, "Don't fuck it up." I didn't.

Our latest iteration was a small spot for Edgewood Health Network with centres across Canada. I didn't fuck it up and once its done, I'll post it to the blog. Until then, enjoy the little teaser and some of the shots around the production.

DOP Jonah Hart and Assistant Camera Alex

DOP Jonah Hart and Assistant Camera Alex

On the way to the location

On the way to the location


I've photographed a lot of people over my career and some of the poeple you forget.   Some you don't.  I found this image of the Welder in bankers box full of film from older shoots.   

It was shot on one of my first assignments and was really an outtake from the shoot.    The job was for a construction company and I was there to photograph the owner Tony S.   I liked Tony but the guys who worked there were awesome.   I was a kid in a candy store with the faces and the environment.   I don't remember the Welder's name, but I do remember how cool he was.