Travel Portfolio

With all the traveling I do, I am surprised that I have not shown much of this travel log of images. Below is a shot from Iran, shot at the Shah's Palace, or what was his palace.   Its an image that is pretty much true to the spirit of Iran.  Holding on to the past and yet, in its own way, moving forward as best as it can.

More images from Iran, Bolivia, Scotland and various other places to come in the next month.


I've photographed a lot of people over my career and some of the poeple you forget.   Some you don't.  I found this image of the Welder in bankers box full of film from older shoots.   

It was shot on one of my first assignments and was really an outtake from the shoot.    The job was for a construction company and I was there to photograph the owner Tony S.   I liked Tony but the guys who worked there were awesome.   I was a kid in a candy store with the faces and the environment.   I don't remember the Welder's name, but I do remember how cool he was.