Aga Khan Museum

Commisioned by the Aga Khan Museuem - Toronto

Syrian Symphony

New Compositions in Sight and Sound.

May 20 2017 to Aug 13, 2017

Honored to be a part of the Syrian Symphony show at the Aga Khan Museum.

I was a refugee to Canada.  I came here when I was 5.   The moment I stepped off the plane, and landed at CFB Kingston, I knew I wasn't in Kansas. 

I shared my status as a refugee in Canada and as I spoke to them, I recognized myself in them, in the children.  I however was viewed as their future.   This became a personal project in self-discovery, a self-portrait in time and place; representational of our connected story.   This image is not their complete story, they all had a varied past, they were business owners, trade workers and much more. They never strived to be a refugee, displaced from their home, their environment. This is just a moment in their dynamic history, a bilp on their time line.

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