Sol LeWitt - ReInterpretation

A Video homage to Sol LeWitt and Generative Art. Using Sol LeWitt's rules to create a video collage using actual footage from an Apache helicopter in a foray to kill terrorists juxtaposed with Game footage from youtube of people playing kill games. Can you discern the audio of people playing from the real soldiers? Reality and dis-reality are confounded with hyperreality of the two different realities.

Sound was an additive secondary experience. The headphones were offered to the viewer if they wanted to go beyond the initial visual presentation. The visual presentation without sound allows for interpretations of what is being depicted. The idea of what is and is not evident within the frame is only realized when the headphones are worn.

Sound was an additive secondary experience. The headphones were offered to the viewer if they wanted to go beyond the initial visual presentation. The visual presentation without sound allows for interpretations of what is being depicted. The idea of what is and is not evident within the frame is only realized when the headphones are worn.

The video composite presents two videos shown within the construct rules of Sol LeWitt’s Wall Mural rules. The first video, found on youtube depict Apache Helicopter vivid and horrific attacks on “enemy combatants” along with commentary from the pilots and ground support. The second video, also found on Youtube, depicts the same type of attacks and commentary however, they are screen captures of games played by men who want to feel what it is like to kill and attack. Reality and dis-reality are indiscernible. The voices and the actions mimicking life and games without real understanding of what is real.

Installation within a group show.

Installation within a group show.

HO Poster.jpg

Warning. Graphic Violence. One of two source video used in installation. Graphic violence and graphic deaths portrayed.

Aga Khan Museum

Commisioned by the Aga Khan Museuem - Toronto

Syrian Symphony

New Compositions in Sight and Sound.

May 20 2017 to Aug 13, 2017

Honored to be a part of the Syrian Symphony show at the Aga Khan Museum.

I was a refugee to Canada.  I came here when I was 5.   The moment I stepped off the plane, and landed at CFB Kingston, I knew I wasn't in Kansas. 

I shared my status as a refugee in Canada and as I spoke to them, I recognized myself in them, in the children.  I however was viewed as their future.   This became a personal project in self-discovery, a self-portrait in time and place; representational of our connected story.   This image is not their complete story, they all had a varied past, they were business owners, trade workers and much more. They never strived to be a refugee, displaced from their home, their environment. This is just a moment in their dynamic history, a bilp on their time line.

Here to view gallery

The March of the Living - Holocaust Survivors

Holocaust Portraits of Survivors

Scan_20170822_3 copy.jpg



These portraits by Hasnain Dattu were commissioned by March of Life; A Holocaust Remembrance Foundation that advocates for diversity and inclusivity as a means of education. 

The March of Life stands for: Remembering; working through the past, giving survivors of the Holocaust a voice. Reconciliation; healing and restoration between descendants of the victims and perpetrators, and taking a stand against modern anti-semitism (

The images that Hasnain captured are hauntingly beautiful. In addition to taking their portrait,  he kindly asked each subject to write a note that he could share with his 7 year old daughter to better help her understand what the victims went through during the Holocaust. 

In light of recent events, these images and letters remind victims that they do have a voice and that the world is listening.









The Us not The Me - Christianity Today Portraits

I've been very lucky or blessed or maybe, the hard work is paying off. I love photographing portraits and I was recently commissioned by Christianity Today Magazine, CT Today, to photograph a diversity story about Christ in all of us. As my wonderful art director put it, the humanity in us all. 
I applaud the magazine's direction with regard to the current political climate in the states where intolerance became rampant and the, me, came before the we.
Also very happy to announce that I have had a first with this series as the Korean version of the magazine has also published the story. Yeah, K-Town. I have arrived.
More portraits coming in the next few days. and the topics just keep getting more interesting.

Man and Christ

Profiled by American Photography showcase

I don't enter many photography contests but of the few I do, American Photographty is one I give great importance to.    Now, I am proud to say that I was asked if I'd be interested in being profiled by them and all I could say, with flushed cheeks, was Me?---Yes!


Here is the link to the profile:



Winner at the 10th Annual Spider Awards

So happy to find out I won at the 10th Black & White Spider Awards.  Winning in the Sports and Portrait category, three of the six images receiving honorable mentions.

The winning images, consisting of a series of athletic portraits and a series of portraits showing elder cancer survivors who have turned their journey into a social cause, mentoring others just starting down their cancer journey.

Spider Awards 2016

New Representation in Canada

Hi I'm back in the company of good friends. I'm proud to announce I've joined up with Sparks Photographers and the wonderful Pam Hamilton. I've worked with Pam in the past on many, many campaigns and am looking forward to working with her and her wonderful group of photographers , Thomas Dagg, Reena Newman, Peter SchafrickDaniel EhrenworthClay Stang, Dan Bannister, Kerry Shaw, Philip Jarmain, and Pip. Happy to be part of this talented group.

I'm like a kid about to take of on a great new journey.

Blast Off 

Blast Off 


Plantronics has been around since cell phones first came out on the market.   Imaging the old fat brick Nokia...right next to it was a Plantronics charger or headset.

As cell phones have evolved, so has Plantronics and how beautifully they have evolved.   It was a pleasure to shoot for them and below you will find one of the images from the 3 day-6 location shoot produced by Aarin MacKay Productions and a cast of ....well...not thousands.

More images from this shoot next week.

The moment was the moment

This body of work is the  antithesis of form and function as an advertising photographer.  It was not about planning or waiting for the shot.  It was not about composition, or even looking through the camera.  It was about emotionally reacting to the moment in time relying on my skills as a photographer and artist.

These images are the visceral reaction of months upon months of shooting to layout and working within parameters.  It was a need to break free and shoot what I felt, leaving the camera to point where I felt it should instead of formally composing through the view finder.  It was more about the mood than waiting for the moment.  The moment was the moment and it is presented here in raw scans, shot on expired films with a point and shoot.


Click on images below to enlarge




Travel Portfolio

With all the traveling I do, I am surprised that I have not shown much of this travel log of images. Below is a shot from Iran, shot at the Shah's Palace, or what was his palace.   Its an image that is pretty much true to the spirit of Iran.  Holding on to the past and yet, in its own way, moving forward as best as it can.

More images from Iran, Bolivia, Scotland and various other places to come in the next month.

VSCO Selects

Good news on a Friday morning is always a welcome thing.  After a long week of work and with a look to the weekend with my wonderful family.  Good news on a Friday morning is just perfect.

VSCO sent me a little email this morning stating that my image was picked for their select gallery.   What I love about this is that its something that just happened.   I did not try for it nor did I expect it.  It was a gift and I am so happy to be the recipient.    You can check out my small collection of images at VSCO or my rather large collection of images on Instagram.

Thanks Universe.  Grateful everyday.

New Work from 2015

2015 was a busy year and I really did not get much of a chance to post to the blog.  I thought I would start the New Year of right with a resolution to post more often with new work but also new experiences through all the travels I have done and all the restaurants I frequent.   I also want to use this space to profile some of the incredible people I work with.  

Gus pictured in Caledon - Fall 2015

Gus pictured in Caledon - Fall 2015

I've just added some images from this shoot to my website and thought i should also include some outs when I can.   Gus (pictured here) and I hung out for the day shooting in and around Caledon for an actors profile.  An actor with a cross between Sean Penn and Mathew McConaughey, who has a soft and intense presence.   Watch out for Gus on the big and small screen.

Honest Collaboration without Comprimise.

I've been working with Katina for the last few years and it is one of my favorite working relationships.  When she calls, I say yes, and if you read her post here, you'll know why.   She is a gem worth knowing and worth featuring. 

She pushes me beyond my comfort level and gives me enough space to play and create. When you have that and trust, creation is simple.   Please read her post about creation here.


American Photography 30

Lucky once again to be a part of American Photography's awards.   Its one of my favored books as the design is always immaculate and the the other photographers that are shown are awe inspiring.   Thanks to American Photography and congrats to all the other people who showed in American Photography 30.

Shortman Browns .. it's a shortman's world

I was recently asked if I did this odd little campaign for a clothing store that won lots of awrds using men in ill fitting clothes. "YES, I DID." Its not the clothes which were ill fitting, it was the men that did not fit!


The campaign received multiple awards in many categories at the ADC with the exceptional art direction of Peter Knight.  It was my first campaign when I was represented by Westside Studio in Toronto...happily it was not my last campaign nor my last award.  Many thanks to Peter for a campaign that is still a favourite of mine and that is still getting me calls.


Lest We Forget

I found this flag on the side of an isolated highway between nowhere Nevada. No plaques, no ideology, just a quiet moment to stop. It sits there and beckons you to stop. I was not the only one to stop for this lone flag.


I love Workbook

Workbook Fall 2014 - Pg 446

Workbook Fall 2014 - Pg 446

Every 6 months, Workbook takes on the task of publishing one the the industries best resources to Photographers and Illustrators.  It then sends it all around the world to end up on the desks of creatives like you.

I've been with them for three years now and could not be happier with my relationship with them.  I love quality book they produce and I love the way my spread looks in the book. It takes a lot of time and detail work to make the work look as good as it does.  I also appreciate the notes I sometimes get back when they like the image or spread.

They are not sales people, they genuinly care.  They are invested in your success which makes you love them more. Oh, and one more thing.  Everytime workbook goes out, my website is a flutter with new traffic and calls for estimates.

I love this spread and loved working on creating these images. Thank you to Workbook, and thank you to all my clients that allow me to pursue what I love.